Special Note:

Our building has been severely damaged from a tree falling on it. As a result, we are no longer providing care at 108 S. High St. We have moved down the street in order to continue to provide care. Please note our new temporary address below.

Address and Phone

Chester County Cat Hospital

Parkway Shopping Center, Suite 22
929 S. High St.
West Chester, PA 19382

(610) 701-MEOW (6369)


202 South: Pass through the light at 202 and Matlack St. then take the next right. Make a right at the stop light to turn into Parkway Shopping Center.

202 North: Continue straight onto High St. (towards downtown West Chester) instead of bearing to the right to continue North on 202. Turn right at the light to enter Parkway Shopping Center.

You'll find the Cat Hospital all the way at the back of the parking lot.